Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Cycling Tour

This weekend I decided to go on a short cycling tour to Kelheim, about 19 km along the Donau Canal, despite the terrible weather. It may or may not have gone EXACTLY like this:

Unfortunately I didn't meet Trotsky.

It was supposed to rain for part of the day but I decided to go out anyway considering I didn't have much to do. There is a very good brewery in Essing that I thought I would visit on the way home.

I started the ride listening to Run the Jewels. The album is fantastic but WAY too short. So I followed it by Del the Funky Homosapien and then the new Yuck album, which is not bad considering how awesome their debut was. Nice variety.

The ride was quite easy despite the cold. Only once on the way to Kelheim did I have to stop because of the rain, and it wasn't even bad. In fact it was a great time to relax and enjoy a beer.

The scenery was nice and it was really cool to see castles built on the hillsides all around me. And riding along the canal was beautiful.

Eventually I arrived in Kelheim. It's an pretty little town but the weather was becoming worse. After riding around for a few minutes I had to stop and find shelter. Unfortunately the closest place was a bust stop in front of a gas station and a McDonalds. Not exactly nice scenery. So as soon as the rain let up a little bit I took off towards the center of town where I could sit in a coffee shop or restaurant until the sun came out.

It takes courage to go into a shop or restaurant where I cannot speak the language. Bavarians also speak in a very specific dialect that is not taught in Duolingo or books. So even if I know what I want to say in German, my accent mixed with the fact that I'm not even speaking Bavarian German makes communication very difficult. Eventually I just point to what I want. 

So in this restaurant I decided to have a beer because they had Weltenburger Klosterbraueri beer, which is very nice. Three beers and a long chapter in my book later the rain had finally let up. So I promptly left and headed towards Reidenburg.

Unfortunately the rain and the cold made riding back fairly difficult. So I stopped every time there was shelter.

By the time I reached Essing where the brewery I wanted to visit was I was pretty soaked and cold. Even if I was up for having a half liter I was not even presentable to be in a nice restaurant. So I continued past until I reached home.

The cup of tea I had when I got there was unbelievable.

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